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Handwoven Rugs

 Made in the USA!

My rugs are made from a combination of purchased material and recycled. Custom orders are welcome. Rug widths are 28" to 29" and can be made any length you need. Prices are $1.25 to $1.30 per inch length-wise. Pricing is determined on how much new fabric has to be purchased to achieve the colors you need to match your own personal decor. Periodically, I will offer placemats as well as table runners. They are currently $1.25 an inch length-wise. All of my creations are woven on a vintage Newcomb Studio Art floor loom.

  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

Below are some examples of rugs, placemats & runners I've made.

                                  Item 1
Brown, Hunter Green & Tan

Item 2
Coral, Light Blue & Gray

Item 3
Gray, Black & White

Item #4
Turquoise, Red & Yellow

Item #5
Turquoise, Brown & Tan


Item #6
Navy & Tan

Item  #7
Red, Green & tan rug with matching rug.

Item #8

Item #9
Brown, Black & Tan Runner


Item #10
Two runners.



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