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All of the wood products within this website have been created by me from 100% (unless otherwise stated) repurposed, pallet wood. Each pallet is dismantled and de-nailed by me. Next it is either planed or sanded one board at a time. I can do a variaty of color combinations to fit your personal decor and can personalize with names or dates.  Rarely are two items identical since I use various types of wood and each react differently to stains, paints and varnish. Custom orders are welcome with 50 % down. I am currently working on shipping fees.

  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

 Monogram Signs:
Personalized with your initial, last name in the colors to match your decor.

Examples below:

                                  Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Fall Decor:

Fall Decoration Box
Item #4
Pumpkin Treat or Decoration Box
Out of Stock

Item #5
Fall Sign

Item #5
Pumpkins 5 Cents

Item #6
Three Pumpkins Joined

Item #7
Pumpkins Chevron or Polka Dot
$35 Each

Item #8
Rustic Pumpkins
$30 for large and $25 for smaller one

Item #9
Large Polka Dot Pumpkin

Item #10
Fall Sign $30

Item #11
Corn Maze $35

Item #12
Scarecrow- Can be done in any color/stain combination with any saying you want. $30

 Below is what one customer did with a larger scarecrow.

Loom-woven Rag Rugs:
Priced Individually or
$1.00 per inch of length
Most rugs are approximately 24 1/2"  to 25" wide by 37 to 42" long. I can do hemmed or fringed edges.




Hanging hareware is included with some signs and Copperas Creek Creations is not responsible for improper hangings or damages as a result. Some of these items may be heavy. Please take care in hanging and protecting your walls from scratches since these are made out of wood. I like to use the little felt pads that are for protecting floors when hanging on walls.



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